What is an orangery roof?!
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Although the word roof in the above question gives us the idea that it is a type of those regular roofs which roof contractors build but one shouldn’t confuse orangery roof with some regular house roof.

The modern times orangery is a luxurious place where eating, sitting around and enjoying the product of nature is a blessing, a little bit similar to outdoor shelters. The material used to construct this place is expensive and of high quality as only such material can support the purpose of this building. From the floor to the windows, the space left in every room, the design of the kitchen as well as the roof above are designed keeping in view the highland and the overall outlook of the orangery.

Types of orangery roofs:

Roofs can be of several types. Their shape can either be straight or slanting depending on how much light does the orangery builders appreciate. This is why they are also known as roof lanterns lightening the place all around. Many contractors refer to it as the ultra sky. Roof lanterns are also given the opening vent option.

There are roughly two types of roofs styles present for an orangery:

· Glass roof lantern

· Solid roof lanterns (made up of timber, aluminum and other material)

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